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BNJ & Co is a Stockholm based design studio, specialised in brand identity design across print and digital platforms.
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We are Bekele Nash Jandér & Co - A Stockholm based graphic design studio, specialising in visual identities. We offer a holistic approach to branding across all platforms.
All of our design solutions are created through collaboration.
By working together to establish the needs and aims for each project, we create valuable ideas and deliver purpose driven design solutions. Learn more about our design process in our open source manual (coming soon).
Studied economics and has a
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entrepreneurship. Handles
business operations and client
communications, with a focus
on making the process easy,
accessible and transparent.
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Graphic designer from London
with a background in digital design
and motion graphics. Develops
concepts and applies them on
digital channels, with a focus
on user experience, innovation
and new media.
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Long ranging experience
within identity projects for
international brands and
institutions. Formulates
brand specific insights and
expresses them in design
concepts and strategies.
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Visual identity and design strategy for e-commerce platform KitchenTime.

Increased brand recognition and positioning through added character.

Starting with a series of workshops with members from all parts of the KitchenTime team we identified a new direction for the brand, with a new customer experience based on a premium feel and a more clear connection to food and cooking.

The new concept is apparent in the flexible logotype, which takes inspiration from cooking, where many ingredients of a complex dish make up a bigger whole.

The most important tool for KitchenTime is their website, where all sales are generated. The vast selection of products and various campaigns required a clean-up of the site, making navigation seamless and adding pictures of products in use to guide and inspire customers.

A key factor to the the new user experience of the web shop is clear and coherent price and campaign communication. In the fast moving e-commerce industry, quick and flexible visual communication is essential, which led us to create a custom solution in collaboration with the KitchenTime team.

The developed photo style focuses on KitchenTime's products in use in every day situations. The results give KitchenTime not only the opportunity to use the pictures for campaigns but also for inspirational social media posts and blog entries.

Our work resulted in a complete re-design and re-positioning of the KitchenTime brand. Taking into consideration the complete customer journey, from first contact with the brand via social media or online marketing onto the online shopping experience and on to the unboxing and use of the purchased products. Consistent, clear and coherent – and easy to recognize.

Visual identity development for arthouse and e-commerce platform Artby.

Character through simplicity and clarity.

Artby takes the position of being Scandinavia's first arthouse. They claim a unique perspective on the arts market by providing a platform and distributing the work of emerging artists. High quality prints are mainly sold through their e-commerce platform, with the production and flagship space located in Umeå.

The toned down colour palette and the seamless navigation slows down the pace of the website and reflects the experience of being in a gallery space.

Concluding on our research and conversations with Artby, we decided to build the identity around a strong and easily recognizable new symbol. The animated Eye (or A) adds energy and is a reference both to Artby as a company constantly looking for new talent, but also mirrors on the user, viewing the artworks.

By keeping in close touch with our client and commuting up north throughout the whole working process, we were able to create the complete identity including the website within a short time-schedule and without compromising in quality or execution.

Corporate identity and brand strategy for IT consultancy Norteam.

Defining a clear position in a competitive and crowded industry.

The IT consultancy Norteam operates in a highly competitive market. This makes it important to clearly set them and their unique offering apart from their competition.

Our workshop helped Norteam distill their unique offering and boil it down to one sentence, which soon became a core element in their identity and communication. All parts of the visual identity were then consequently shaped from the workshop learnings.

Since attention spans are often not too high in digital environments, the site was built to effectively get the point across. All the information is gathered on one page, with the first section establishing the brand, easily accessible customer support and motion icons that highlight Norteam's services.

In order for Norteam to quickly seal their deals with clients, we also designed a new proposal template. Clear and simple communication, while still keeping an upscale feel were also here guiding principles.

After developing a photo concept that was in line with the brand guidelines, we produced photo content that was used on their website and all other communication channels.